Meeting in Psary - Poland 23 – 27 April 2012

Common maths lessons

We have organized 3 maths lessons for international class - Polish- Italian- Greek group of students.

Lesson - Angles

Lesson " About the meanning of angles " was prepared  by Italian maths teacher Valentina

Lesson - Quadrilaterals

Lesson " Quadrilaterals" was prepared by Greek maths teacher Yannis

Materials and Activities

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Lesson - Numbers and algebraic expession

Lesson " Numbers and algebraic expessions" was prepared by Polish maths teacher Jolanta.

Interactive Poster - Lead-in to the first part of Lesson

Teachers workshop - ICT tools in teaching Maths and English

Comenius Day

Performance- Pythagoras

Pythagoras' Theorem - Performance
Scenario of Performance - Pythagoras' theorem
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Competition -Tangrams

What is a tangram and what is the purpose of a tangram?



Tangrams are ancient, truly fascinating Chinese Puzzles, made up of seven movable geometrical shapes, with which you can create thousands of pictures and designs.

The purpose of this puzzle is to use all seven pieces or tans to create a picture or design. The ancient rules dictate that the pieces must lie flat, they must touch and they are not allowed to overlap.

Another fun activity is to solve puzzles - this means you take a tangram picture/image and figure out how the shapes were placed to create that image - sounds easier than it is.


The tangram consists of 7 geometrical shapes - 5 triangles (small, medium and large), 1 Square and 1 parallelogram, all cut from 1 perfect square.

The winners - Greek - Italian - Polish Team : Yannis, Lorenzo and Maria

Students work


Students common international presentations

Free time

Visiting Poland