Teaching Mathematics through English - CLIL approach

Content is the first word in CLIL. This is because curricular content leads language learning.

In CLIL - Maths course learners gain knowledge of the  mathematics curriculum while simultaneously learning and using English.

It is very helpful to think of "4Cs" of planning maths lessons.


1. Content - what is the maths topic ? e.g. algebra, ratio, linear graphs, plane geometry,..

2. Communication - what maths language will learners communicate during the lesson ? e.g. the language of comparison for comparing and contrasting numbers, graphs, areas, ..

3. Cognition - what thinking skills are demanded of learners ? e.g. identifying  figures, classifying numbers, reasoning, generalising.

4. Culture - is there a cultural focus in the lesson ? e.g. do learners from different  countries calculate in the same way ? What symbols do they use ?


Materials for teachers

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